Who’s who

Meet our Committee

The choir is run by our committee:

Sally Mears
Sally Mears – in her finery and ready to conduct a concert

Chair: Vacancy
Secretary: Tim Devenport
Treasurer: Jo Lateu
Membership Secretary: Richard Brooke
Librarian:  Priscilla Goldby
Making Music Representative:   Carolyn Gulliver
Concert Manager: Tim Bolton
Publicity Coordinator: Hilary Bradley
CROP representative: Jackie Wheatley
Angela Houlston
Hermione Mowat
Jane Williams

Our conductor, Sally Mears and accompanist, Maureen Cooper, are ex officio members of the committee. 

Other members of the choir help with one-off tasks.

Our regular performers

We are lucky to have some marvellous regular performers, among them:

Margaret Cooper, Soprano
Henry Herford, Bass
Jonathon Todd, Tenor
Clare Morgan, Alto
Julian Littlewood, Organist

The orchestra

Members of the Headington Singers Orchestra are selected from local amateur and professional musicians and they come together for our performances only.

We have occasionally worked in partnership with existing orchestras, including the Radcliffe Orchestra.